About Us

We started with one goal - to make writing your P.Eng. application suck less!

Compiling your professional designation application is frustrating. We’re here to minimize pain points and help you understand your entire professional experience.

Our Mission

To cut the BS out of professional development by deepening existing learning for meaningful growth and generated insights.

Our Vision

To empower everyone to take ownership of their development through self-directed practice that will hep them achieve their aspirations and find career fulfilment.

Sarah's Story

After my 2016 engineering graduation, I procrastinated starting my P.Eng. application, not realizing the scope and scale of the competencies.

I unintentionally prevented heartache by having explored some different positions as an EIT, as while writing my application I realized if I had stayed in a previous technical role I wouldn’t have satisfied all the requirements. My friends and coworkers expressed a host of other issues, from word count struggles to not knowing how their experiences applied to the competencies.

All these experiences showed a pattern of challenges for EITs in this process. This inspired me to found PYPD, aiming to make P.Eng. applications straightforward and accessible for all EITs, preventing the anxiety and challenges I found.